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Performed with Care and Passion

Being able to change the layout of your house to fit your vision is what we are all about, here at Langstrand Contracting. Whether the project is to tear down a wall and extend a room or to add a completely new room, our team will make it happen. We will take our time with getting to know our client’s desires. With that, our team will design a blueprint for the job and it will be performed with efficiency and diligence from the foundation and flooring to paneling and painting the walls.

No job is too big, so start thinking about that new study or Arizona room that you have been dreaming of!

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We are Certified Professionals

Langstrand Contracting only hires certified and experienced individuals to join our team. That way, you can trust our team to provide top-quality design and construction.

You get Detailed Design Plans

Before we begin any project, we formulate a professional design plan that will meet our client’s wants, needs and budget, while at the same time providing cost transparency.

Expect an Efficient Process

At Langstrand Contracting, we work as quickly as we can, while maintaining the highest standards. We take pride in our work and want to exceed our clients' expectations.

Luxury Extensions that meet Individual Needs and Wants

Home Extensions and Renovations completed with thoroughness.

Extending a room can become a very elaborate job, since there is an already existing infrastructure. That is why our team takes care of everything, start to finish.

  • Creating a design plan that meets our clients’ needs and is accurate and precise
  • Properly removing any structures from the area that are not needed anymore
  • Laying out the new dimensions of the room
  • Adding the final touches to the room after extensions are finish, such as painting and appliances

Adding a new room can be somewhat of a hassle, but with our team here at Langstrand Contracting, it becomes hassle-free because we are the ones that will worry about the small details, you just need to tell us what you want.

  • Obtaining proper permits to build the room on the property
  • Creating a blueprint that meets the clients’ desires and stays within budget with top-quality material
  • Building the room with care and in a timely manner
  • Painting the walls and installing the flooring methodically
  • Adding the final touches, such as lighting and fixtures

Home extensions have become quite popular and that is why our team strives to expand our own skills and knowledge, so we can give the best service possible with any kind of extension project.

  • Knocking a wall down to open a room
  • Knocking a wall down to extend the room
  • Add a new room

Our service benefits.

Experience home improvement Your way.

At Langstrand Contracting, we strive to finish our projects with the upmost precision and accuracy. But at the end of day, all of our work revolves around making our clients happy and giving them what they paid for, but more importantly, what they yearn for.

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Sarah Watts

Sarah Watts

Sedona, AZ

I recommend Chris highly and entirely without reservation.

As a completely satisfied customer of Chris Langstrand, owner of Langstrand Contracting, Inc., I liked to recommend this company to anyone contemplating renovations. In 2019, Chris renovated a stucco house I had bought in West Sedona. The work involved removing walls to create a great room as well as tearing out the tile and carpet floors down to the concrete slab and replacing them with oak flooring and Florentine tile. Since the house had no fireplace, Chris crafted a beautiful adobe stucco fireplace containing a new gas linear fireplace. He ran new gas and electric lines through walls and ceilings, redesigned or removed cabinetry, repainted the entire house, repaired roof leaks, and enlarged and replaced windows. All this Chris accomplished in six weeks. I had daily contact with him, and throughout the work, he shared great ideas, most of which I adopted, kept within budget, kept me abreast of progress, and provided in-depth explanations. I found him professional, dedicated, efficient, experienced, and of good cheer. I recommend him highly and entirely without reservation.

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