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The flooring of any room is like the foundation for laying out and decorating the space; that’s why Langstrand Contracting starts out by speaking with our clients one on one and figuring out what they really want. We will help pick out the perfect flooring for you space based on your preferences, desires, and budget. Once we have the perfect choice, we begin the process of installing the new flooring; while still providing top quality service, our team will work as swiftly as we can to complete the project.

We work with all varieties of flooring, so do not hesitate to give us a call!

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We are Certified Professionals

Langstrand Contracting only hires certified and experienced individuals to join our team. That way, you can trust our team to provide top-quality design and construction.

You get Detailed Design Plans

Before we begin any project, we formulate a professional design plan that will meet our client’s wants, needs and budget, while at the same time providing cost transparency.

Expect an Efficient Process

At Langstrand Contracting, we work as quickly as we can, while maintaining the highest standards. We take pride in our work and want to exceed our clients' expectations.

Stylish and Intricate Flooring that Serves its Purpose

Revamped flooring completed with precision.

Tile is a very popular flooring, and the installation process is very sophisticated. That Is why the Langstrand Contracting team tries to be as efficient and as accurate as possible while doing a tile flooring project

  • Evenly laying the tiles on the floor
  • Properly sealing and grouting in-between tiles
  • Cutting the tiles with precision

Wood has always been well-liked flooring for many, and there is such a wide variety to work with.

  • Properly installing the underlayment and then the wood planks themselves
  • Installing the trim and molding correctly and accurately
  • Maintain the look of the wood throughout the installation process
  • Cutting the wood planks with precision

Vinyl Flooring is a newer material used for flooring that adds just as much style as wood and tile do.

  • Properly installing the vinyl flooring, whether it is through the method of gluing it or floating it.
  • Cutting the vinyl flooring with accuracy and precision
  • Maintaining the look of the vinyl flooring throughout cutting and installation

Our service benefits.

Experience home improvement Your way.

At Langstrand Contracting, we strive to finish our projects with the upmost precision and accuracy. But at the end of day, all of our work revolves around making our clients happy and giving them what they paid for, but more importantly, what they yearn for.

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Sarah Watts

Sarah Watts

Sedona, AZ

I recommend Chris highly and entirely without reservation.

As a completely satisfied customer of Chris Langstrand, owner of Langstrand Contracting, Inc., I liked to recommend this company to anyone contemplating renovations. In 2019, Chris renovated a stucco house I had bought in West Sedona. The work involved removing walls to create a great room as well as tearing out the tile and carpet floors down to the concrete slab and replacing them with oak flooring and Florentine tile. Since the house had no fireplace, Chris crafted a beautiful adobe stucco fireplace containing a new gas linear fireplace. He ran new gas and electric lines through walls and ceilings, redesigned or removed cabinetry, repainted the entire house, repaired roof leaks, and enlarged and replaced windows. All this Chris accomplished in six weeks. I had daily contact with him, and throughout the work, he shared great ideas, most of which I adopted, kept within budget, kept me abreast of progress, and provided in-depth explanations. I found him professional, dedicated, efficient, experienced, and of good cheer. I recommend him highly and entirely without reservation.

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